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The scented candle roasted pines takes you into a modern and masculine olfactory escape. Lift up the lid and discover the secrets of this maritime pine scented candle. Woody, leathery and spicy accents. .... Capacity: 190g. Dimensions: H 9cm - Diam. : 7.5cm Out of respect for the environment, the compositions of our waxes evolve towards an increasing representativity of vegetal materials while preserving

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Arcachon scum water.Under a fresh start of freshness, you dive directly into the sweet notes and sweetness of the iodized Basin, to end under the undergrowth of pine forests.We use a 100% alcohol of natural and vegetable origin.Vaporizer filling.E.D.P for Her & HimTop notes: Tonic and lemony essenceHeart Notes: Marine SphereBase note: Maritime wood absinthe, broom and oak mousePear spray: Prestigious pump bottle...

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