The scented candle roasted pines takes you into a modern and masculine olfactory escape. Lift up the lid and discover the secrets of this maritime pine scented candle. Woody, leathery and spicy accents. .... Capacity: 190g. Dimensions: H 9cm - Diam. : 7.5cm Out of respect for the environment, the compositions of our waxes evolve towards an increasing representativity of vegetal materials while preserving

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Ideal care to repair your skin all year long Dry oil dunes repairs, soothes and saturates all dry skin, even sensitive. Its captivating and delicate fragrance envelops the body with an irresistible scent. Apply in light massages on the face, body and tips of your hair.

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Arcachon scum water. Under a fresh start of freshness, you dive directly into the sweet notes and sweetness of the iodized Basin, to end under the undergrowth of pine forests. We use a 100% alcohol of natural and vegetable origin. Vaporizer filling. E.D.P for Her & HimTop notes: Tonic and lemony essence Heart Notes: Marine Sphere Base note: Maritime wood absinthe, broom and oak mouse

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L'instantané d'Écume